Our Ministries

Our goal is to minister to all age groups God sends to Gateway. We have developed ministry teams that will pay attention to your spiritual needs.  These are the major ministry teams we have in Gateway now.

  • Worship Team

    Winston Sookram

    Gateway is blessed to  have many talented and anointed men and women in its worship team.  Many of them often find time to be a blessing to others also., which is in line with the vision of Gateway to be a blessing to the entire kingdom of God as much as possible.

    Contact: 917-690-8295

    Email: winstonsookram@gmail.com

  • Women's Fellowship

    Mercy Philip

    Gateway's women's fellowship is named WINGS (Women in God's Service). They cater to the spiritual needs of women of all age groups in Gateway.  A dedicated team of sisters work with Pastor Mercy Philip to oversee this ministry.

    Contact: 516-532-2238

    Email: mercyp06@gmail.com

  • Men's Fellowship

    Wesley Hall

    Men are called to be leaders in their homes and representatives of Christ in their workplaces. To develop men into healthy disciple makers is not easy. The goal of our men's ministry is to see the men in Gateway grow up to be healthy disciples of Jesus.

    Contact:  516-903-7222

    Email: frantzflo@juno.com

  • Youth Ministry

    Mark & Mona Dovan

    The challenges faced by today's youth is well reported. In an age of cyber bullying, gender confusion and outright rage, how do you develop your children to be respectful, socially well adjusted productive members of society? Not easy. But with God all things are possible.  Our youth ministry team meets on Friday evenings at 7:30 pm and provides a healthy alternative and a time of spiritual development for the youth.

    Contact: 347-867-0235

    Email: mlu1088@gmail.com

  • Missions Dept.

    Vic Deodat

    We are a mission minded church. Our mission efforts have seen miraculous results. The mission work we sponsor in North India has seen over 20,000 baptisms in last ten years and a network of 405  financially poor but spiritually strong fellowships springing up across the  state of Madhya Pradesh in India. 

    Contact: 917-270-1720

    Email: vivek123@verizon.com

  • Children's Ministry

    Janet Kennedy

    We care about the spiritual growth of children. They are under siege in our generation. They are asked to answer questions that adults struggle with. More than ever, we need to let children know about their loving Creator and his plans for their future.  Our dedicated children's ministry team will take care of your children.

    CONTACT: 347-276-6140

    Email: jsjkchosen@gmail.com

  • Father's Heart Food Pantry

    Magaly Polo

    Gateway cares about the communities we serve. We run a food pantry on every other Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon. We serve the needy in our community without asking any questions. You are welcome to contact sister Magaly to find out more about it. 

    CONTACT: 516-263-4141

    Email: mp3117jc@gmail.com