Our Mission Involvements

We support a number of churches and agencies involved in missions and charitable works in the community. Currently we help in India, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Our main involvement is in India where we work with The Indian Pentecostal Church of God and help about 375 ministers. Most of these humble ministers live below subsistence level and we give them a small support to buy their "subji' (vegetables). Mostly their meals are roti (a flatbread made with wheat) and a vegetable dish. 

Missions HQ Project

By faith we are attempting to buy a building that will serve the ministry in India in many ways. It will serve as an HQ with offices for the work, a conference center where the believers can gather for meetings, a training center where they can give short term training and continuous education to the ministers, a place of worship for at least two churches, a hospitality suite for visiting ministers etc. It will cost us $500,000 to purchase this well- built 17000 sq. ft. three-story building. We request our friends to stand with us and help us with the best support you can give for this project.