Here are some facts that will help you with your visit to our church

Our church is situated on Central Ave, a main street in Valley Stream. Therefore, our parking lot is in the back of the building.  You have access to the parking lot from Central Ave and Carolyn Ave. 


From the parking lot you will be entering a long hallway. On Sundays one of our ushers will be there to welcome you and guide you. The rest rooms are to your left when you enter the hallway. The sanctuary is to your right after the first dividing door. Our ushers will help you further at this point. 


After the service we always have a time of fellowship in our banquet hall. It is right behind the sanctuary. Please stay back for a few minutes to meet some of the people in the church and to get a general feeling about the church.


If you are coming with children, please note this. Children will go to the Sunday School at the end of the worship time. Their program ends generally at the same time with the worship service.


Our dress code? There is no dress code. But all of us dress casual formal on Sundays out of respect for God and others.


In case our parking lot is full, we have plenty of parking on adjacent streets. One of the ushers will guide you about this. 


Our senior pastor, Dr. Sunny Philip is a Bible teacher, author, conference speaker, and a revivalist. He has ministered in all the continents of the world. He has authored multiple books that are available on or from us. He was ordained as a Pastor in 1988 and has decades of experience in leading a church. He is recognized locally and internationally as a minister who is careful to rightly divide the word. Join us a Sunday morning as he shares from the Word of God.